I help female-founded businesses with big
(*pinch me*) dreams, step into their authenticity with words crafted for

crafted for connection.

authenticity with words

me*) dreams, step into their

businesses with big (*pinch

I help female-founded  

I’m passionate about working one on one with like-minded female business owners to showcase the uniqueness of their brand with words that engage their ideal client, act to build loyalty, ignite curiosity and most importantly - inspire action. 
With an approach that is grounded and intentional, connection is at the heart of my words. I take the time to know you and your business first. You won’t find a standard ‘one size fits all’ approach here. Your words should be as personal as your brand is, so let’s articulate the story that only you can tell and align you with the people looking for it.

In a world where everyone and everything is vying for our attention, now more than ever, it’s so important to create genuine connection to cut through the noise. Copywriting for your own business can be a confusing, time-consuming task and it’s easy to overthink it and second guess yourself when your words are so closely held and subjective to you. I see you tapping on that keyboard… only to tap backspace even faster. 

You need someone who can get inside your brain, someone who has a proven process to extract it out of you. Someone who can put a rhythm to your seemingly disjointed stream of consciousness. Someone who has a well-honed creative-meets-strategic brain to turn it all into copy that has you and your ideal customers feeling like you reached into their soul and put it on paper.

When your words meet your purpose, that's where the magic lives.

I have over a decade of marketing and writing experience (with seven of those years in retail marketing communications). It was after maternity leave with my baby girl and a firm "NO" to a request for flexibility in my work hours from full time to part time that I finally took the leap and went out on my own. I wanted to create a life that gave me the balance to spend time with my daughter, while also filling my creative cup supporting female entrepreneurs to share their value with the world. I waved goodbye to the corporate world, starting my own copywriting studio and haven’t looked back since.

As a small business owner (and a mum to two little kids juggling all the things), I understand how busy running a business can be with a million things on the to-do list. My copywriting services allow you to focus on what you enjoy doing in your business, while I work my magic crafting strategic copy to make your brand stand out from the crowd and authentically connect with your ideal audience. And when I’m not crafting word goodness in the studio, you’ll find me with a coffee in hand spending time with family, never far away from my happy place – by the ocean on the South Coast of New South Wales.

It all started when they told me “no”..

mumma, boss, wordsmith, coffee enthusiast.


(Just to name a few...)

Wellness & Lifestyle Brands

& Children's Brands / Retail / 

Business Coaches / Motherhood 

Interior Designers / Creatives /  



Tara Solberg, Few and Far

We rarely go back and forth as she just hits the mark the first time. From writing long form content to product descriptions, she creates copy that is on brand and truly resonates with who our customer is.

“Working with Hayley has been seamless - she takes on a brief and executes it perfectly and in a timely manner”

Sally Rhys Jones, Rhys Jones INTERIOR DESIGN

Hayley was a delight to work with. Everything was very easy from start to finish and she was able to articulate beautifully what I was trying to get across in a way that sounded like ‘me’ and my business ethos.

“Hayley was able to articulate beautifully what I was trying to get across, in a way that sounded like 'me' ”

Ashleigh Luhr, White Ink Creative

I’ve been writing my own copy since launching my business and I’m so grateful that I finally found a copywriter I could trust. A dream to work with, she took the time to go through a detailed brief with all the ideas that I had. Highly recommended!

“A dream, she worked her magic to bring everything together in a way that feels seamless and authentic to me”

Dante Amato, Founder Dante Amato

Thank you so much for crafting such beautiful copy for my website. My website connects deeply to my dream clients in a way that I wasn't able to articulate without your help, and you were an absolute dream to work with. Your work has without a doubt elevated my marketing and has been worth the investment tenfold.

“You're like some kind of word magician that encapsulated the whole essence and purpose of my work”


Hayley is such an amazing asset to our business - being able to take on our brainstorms & turn them into beautiful articles & interviews that are in our brand voice, are detailed & drive traffic. Couldn't recommend Hayley more to add to your business.

“Hayley is such an amazing asset to our business - turning our brainstorms into beautiful articles that drive traffic”

Phoebe Croucher, Olive Interior Styling

Hayley was so lovely and so easy to work with. She was so personable and spent the time getting to know me and my vision for the rebrand of my business. I had spent hours trying to get the copy together for my new website and I wish I'd come across Hayley sooner. The amount of positive feedback I've had from my new website is a true testament to Hayley.

“Her way with words is incredible and she articulated my story and services perfectly”


Website copywriting packages with all the personality & strategy you need to stop comparing & confidently get growing. Short but impactful, this package is suited for a one-page website or a landing page.
+ Pre-briefing questionnaire and phone call (30 minutes)
+ Keyword research
+ Content double checked by a professional proofreader
+ One round of revisions


package 01

More in depth, layered and full of character, this package is suited for five-page websites (i.e. Home, About, Services, Portfolio, Contact).

+ Pre-briefing questionnaire and phone call (40 minutes)
+ Keyword research
+ Content double checked by a professional proofreader
+ Two rounds of revisions


package 02

Harmonious, balanced and rich with personality, this holistic offering is perfect for intricate websites with a high level of detail and complexity (it’s the complete package - yes chocolate sprinkles included!).

+ Pre-briefing questionnaire and phone call (40 minutes)
+ Keyword research
+ Content double checked by a professional proofreader
+ Two rounds of revisions


package 03


Website Copywriting

Creating engaging, on-brand content for like-minded clients in a range of industries is what I do best. There is SO much benefit to having regular blog articles for your brand - the content will encourage more visitation to your website, provide value to your customers, help to position your brand as a trusted expert and improve your website’s SEO. An added bonus is that blog content is evergreen and can be promoted across various social media platforms to help you stay relevant and keep your audience coming back for more.


Email newsletters are one of the most effective digital marketing tools to communicate with your customer in a personalised and timely way. I’m here to assist you in creating pack-a-punch e-newsletters that engage with your customers and encourage them to take action and stay connected to your brand.



Blog & Email

Enjoy access to my word-smithery every month (and skip the waitlist) with dedicated time set aside to focus on your brand's copywriting requirements. From product descriptions to bios, blog articles and sales pages, the agenda is personalised to your needs and can include a mix of copywriting tasks tailored to the brief you send me prior to the allocated day/s.

Note: Limited spots are available. Enquire for more details.



Copywriting Retainer





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