How to write STANDOUT product copy

Product Copy Tips

Here’s some news for you. It’s not just about your products. Competition is high with many brands in the marketplace offering similar products like yours. So it’s not what you sell, it’s how you sell it. This refers to your branding and content, both visually and in written form. It’s how you present your business as a brand to potential customers. Remember customers are often not buying for the product alone, they’re buying your vision and story too. Let’s take a closer look at how to write standout copy that converts… 

The heart and soul
What is the last thing that a potential customer reads before hitting ‘add to cart’? You guessed it! The product description. It’s important to capture their attention and give them a sensory experience (without having to physically hold the product in their hands). How does it feel? How does it taste? Does it have a beautiful scent? Don’t simply describe it – you can add bullet points below your introductory paragraph with more descriptive details. Communicate the value and combat any objections in the description. Sell with confidence and conviction that you truly believe in what you offer.

Tell a story
Use storytelling techniques to engage with potential customers and create an emotional connection with your product. Share anecdotes, testimonials, or customer success stories that demonstrate how your product has made a positive impact on people’s lives. A perfect start is to explain why your brand or a particular product was created – talk to your story as a founder and as someone who uses and loves the products. This is where existing customers come into play – make it a priority to understand them and their experience with your products. Incorporate keywords from customer testimonials and feedback – talk in their language and what they are saying about your brand or product will resonate way more than jargon filled copy. 

Focus on uniqueness
Identify the unique selling points (USPs) of your product and highlight them in your copy. The secret sauce, the essence – whatever you want to call it, consider what makes your product special. Is it handcrafted? Are sustainable materials used? Are the ingredients sourced locally? Is it a limited edition? Clearly communicate these USPs to differentiate your product and convince customers that it’s worth their investment and they need it in their life. 

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July 21, 2023