How to bring your brand tone of voice to life


Whether you write copy for your business or you outsource it to a VA or copywriter, it’s essential to understand how to communicate and infuse your brand voice into the content created. But before we get down to business, here is the lowdown on what tone of voice (TOV) is. It’s defined as the way in which a brand communicates through all verbal and written messaging. Your brand voice is an extension of your company’s personality, and it helps people decide whether to do business with you. So make sure it resonates with YOUR ideal audience.  

From a social media post, client onboarding email to blog article, your messaging should be consistent and carry across the same ‘vibe’ that you are known for as a brand. Think of some *chef’s kiss* copy heroes like Go-To Skincare, Frank Body , Good Pair Days and Who Gives A Crap. Bringing your brand’s tone of voice to life in copy involves translating the essence of your brand’s personality and values into written communication. Here’s how you can effectively convey your brand’s tone of voice in your copy:

Use consistent wording: Maintain a consistent vocabulary and phrasing that aligns with your brand’s personality. Choose words, phrases, and expressions that reflect the tone you’ve defined. This is where a word bank comes into play. If you want to know exactly how to create your very own word bank, grab my free download. Simply sign up to my newsletter here to receive your freebie. Remember it’s all about being authentic and not something you’re not, so avoid using overly formal language unless it suits the industry that you’re in. If your brand is witty, use humour and clever wordplay. If it’s serious, use thoughtful and insightful language.This will build trust and connection with your dream customers – ultimately driving sales and loyalty. 

Address the audience directly: Use pronouns like “you” and “we” to directly engage with your audience. This creates a conversational tone and makes the copy feel personalised to the reader. You can also demonstrate that you understand your audience’s needs, challenges and emotions by using pronouns. 

Stories sell: Incorporate storytelling into your copy to engage and connect emotionally with your audience. Share anecdotes, experiences, and examples that reinforce your brand’s values and identity. Remember the right story attracts the right customers to your offer, as they resonate with what you are saying and can see themselves in your story. Effective storytelling in your content creates relatability between your business and your audience. You can also utilise creative elements like analogies and metaphors to help paint a vivid picture and enhance your brand’s tone. This will add depth to your copy and make it more memorable – something that every brand aims for!

Structure: Also consider what sentence length and structure sounds most like your brand. Do you prefer short punchy sentences with smaller words or more complex sentences and longer paragraphs? Stick to consistency across your writing, including the tone, format, terminology, punctuation and even emojis (if this is something that your brand uses or doesn’t use). 

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. As you consistently apply your brand’s tone of voice in your copy, you’ll become more adept at capturing its essence and effectively connecting with your audience. Of course, if you don’t have the time I can help bring your unique brand voice to life – get in touch here. I’d love to hear from you!

August 15, 2023